About us


About us



Established in 2008, with relentless efforts and creative thinking, Nhat Long Logistics has developed to one of the leading prestigious logistics service providers in Vietnam. We always put our customers at the heart of all business decisions and operations.

Human resources are considered the key factor to our success, as well as our ultimate competitive advantage. Therefore, Nhat Long Logistics always focuses on investing in training and developing personnel. From a small group of less than 10 members at the beginning, Nhat Long Logistics has now built a team of nearly 200 experienced and professional employees with deep understanding of all characteristics and requirements of each customer, commodity, route, warehouse, and port/ airport. Besides two main offices in Hanoi and Binh Duong, our personnel are also constantly available at all main industrial parks, warehouses and ports/ airports, providing direct quality supervision of loading and unloading process.

Nhat Long Logistics stands out by notable strength in domestic freight forwarding with over 130 modern, high-quality and certified vehicles. Our vehicle fleet includes diverse tonnages from 1.25 tons to 15 tons trucks and from 20 feet to 45 feet containers with various types of truck bodies. Our vehicles are all fully equipped with necessary tools, accessories, dunnage and other loading/ unloading equipments to ensure safety and fulfill all complex requirements in transporting and preserving goods.

Furthermore, we have developed a nationwide system of partners, sub-contractors, and extensive connections with global agents in nearly 100 countries, focusing on potential import – export markets like China, the USA, Japan, Korea, Europe & Middle East.

Nhat Long Logistics also continuously update and apply innovative and exclusive technical applications in data management, journey tracking and operation monitoring to ensure optimal performance, accuracy and comprehensive control.

Nhat Long Logistics is well-known for our best-in-class services capable of meeting 99.8% lead-time, providing optimal solutions for advanced transport requests or challenging routes, while ensuring cargo safety. We are proud to be the key service provider for various international and domestic clients such as Panasonic, Sony, Mitsubishi, Aqua, Hisense, Beko, Euro window, Ming Shin Vietnam, Hatay shoes,….

Think logistics. Think us.


99.8% 130 200 4,000,000
Lead-time perfomance Vehicles Employees USD annual revenue





Every one of us knows that our success goes hand-in-hand with the success and satisfaction of our Customers. Hence, we put the Customers’ need and satisfaction at the heart of our business and continuously strive to add value for our Customers through tailored solutions and support.
We believe that Collaboration is the backbone of a corporation which multiply best values of each individual to create greater collective values. Therefore, we always encourage cooperation and support internally, as well as between Nhat Long Logistics & our Customers, Partners.
We are determined and energized to achieve our shared vision, mission and strategic objectives together. The dedication to a common purpose stands behind our commitments to Customers, Partners & one another, driving our performance while maintaining working ethics.


  • Proactive in domestic trucking with a huge fleet of modern & certified vehicles, along with the ability to quickly enhance truck capacity during peak times.
  • Dedicated Planning and Document Processing staffs with extensive experience and understandings about the characteristics of each shipping route & port authority.
  • Operation staffs available 24/7 at cargo receipt and delivery points, actively participating in loading/unloading process while ensuring the safety and outside quality of cargoes & promptly handling arising issues.
  • Well-trainers drivers with professional working attitude; knowledgeable about roads, requirements in forwarding of each warehouse & agent; especially experienced in using software to update order status and upload documents.
  • Experienced in handling and provide optimal solutions for any arising problems in domestic transportation (such as restricted roads, prohibited hours, difficult delivery points or complicated loading and unloading requirements); Customs Clearance process or cooperating with Port Authority & Warehouse representatives.
  • Developed a nationwide network of partners & extensive connections with global agents in nearly 100 countries, focusing on potential markets like China, the USA, Japan, Korea, Europe & Middle East.
  • Optimizing technology application in data management, journey tracking & operation monitoring
  • Ensuring the safety of cargos with an insurance package of up to $200,000/ incident (unlimited number of incidents/year).
  • Provide diversified & all-in-one services throughout the Supply Chain.