Customs clearance


Beside transportation, Nhat Long Logistics provides optimal services in terms of Customs procedures, Customs clearance and communication with Port Authority and warehouse including:

  • Implement & consult on customs clearance, HS code application, tax imposition & goods classification
  • Consult on export / import certificates & license for each type of goods
  • Pay customs fees on behalf of our customers
  • Represent customers to handle goods inspection procedures
  • Complete required documents and customs declaration procedures as authorized by our clients
  • Provide a full range of other services throughout the import and export process: international freight forwarding, domestic freight forwarding, documents handling and connect and inform related parties as authorized by the customer

Nhat Long Logistics commits to offer the best customer experience:

  • Ensure the shedule and timeline of customs clearance
  • Provide optimal price 
  • Minimize the number of arising issues
  • Customer care available 24/7